My Mental Breakdown (Video)

Hello everyone! Its been ages, but Ive been busy establishing my YouTube Channel. I post daily VLOG episodes & have been doing this the last 148 days straight. Hope you all take the time to check out my YouTube channel and hopefully you will love it (cause, what is there NOT to Love? Im such a good looking piece of hot shit, oh yeah;) I also make other short videos like this, "MY MENTAL BREAKDOWN & why its all worth it" (link to video below). 

This video was recorded during my mental breakdown after speaking to a good friend of mine about my depression, anxiety & suicidal thoughts. Its not easy shit to share on video to the world, but I wanted to come out clean and be as honest and open as fucking possible. It wasn'tt easy but fucking worth it. I will be posting blogs in English from now on, cause I want EVERYONE to be able to understand wtf Im saying. 

Will try to post shit here everyday, but my first priority will always be the VLOG videos. So instead of editing the VLOG that should have been out by now, Im writing to you - my dear 5-6 readers, but still 5-6 IMPORTANT readers - of this blog. Hope you like my VLOG & share the living shit out of it, cause I am planning on world domination, and it would be a lot easier if you guys could help me get there just a little bit faster cause I want to reach out to everyone out there who feel fucked up, alone & dead inside - I want them all to know; You. Are. NOT. Fucking. Alone. 

Love & coffee hugs from 

Martin Mentzoni, YouTuber, oh yeah! 

Link to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj3oH-B4w2FDDr3byM9oSvQ


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